How many light bulbs are there in the United States?

What is the market size for school desks?

Can you answer these questions? Would you know where to begin?

The second pillar of the MCA is “Robust Interview Preparation,” and while these questions may not appear to be applicable to your specific industry they are a part of the new interview processes used at the world’s leading companies. This doesn’t just apply to consulting anymore; it applies to all types of industries.

Interviewfest is a rigorous training program combining classroom instruction, Socratic method “Crack the Case” group sessions, and individual case practice. It builds on the FIT and case interview skills learned at Management Consulted’s boot camp. Friday afternoons, during the months of October and November in the fall, March and April in the spring, the MCA will conduct FIT and case interviews for Interviewfest.

There is no better way to master the case and FIT interview than to practice and the best way to do that is to follow a regimented schedule. During Interviewfest sessions, members are given their own case to give to their practice partner for that session. Partners will rotate each week and feedback will be recorded in order to track personal development and improvement.

A typical session:

  1. Framework Presentation (15 Min)- An MCA member, or guest lecturer will teach how to use a case framework.
  2. Crack the Case (45 min)- The class will work as a team, guided by the lecturer, to crack a given case using the Socratic method.
  3. Break Out – The class will split into pairs and two cases will be assigned to each pair. You will each interview using your assigned case. At this point those with prior time commitments can schedule a meet up with their assigned partner and leave if necessary. We reserve the room for 3 hours to work in if you desire.

A rubric for evaluating your partner will be provided and must be completed, and signed by the interviewer and interviewee to receive credit for each case.

Guest lecturers may include former students, current consultants, faculty and current or former Deans.

Become a Certified Case Master

Those who participate in Interviewfest, completing 10 cases within each framework with a partner, compete in a case competition, and pass 5 dual case exams done by a 2nd year MCA member will be certified as a Case Master by the MCA. This robust training will ensure your ability to effectively analyze and solve any case you receive in an interview.

Frameworks & Resources

The MCA will cover the following five frameworks in general, and may offer others that are more specific, or combinations thereof:

  1. Profitability
  2. Market Entry, Investment, & New Technology
  3. Mergers & Acquisitions
  4. Outsourcing
  5. Non-Profit Organizations

MCA members will have access to case workbooks for practice with multiple scenarios. In addition, the MCA has a list of over 100 “most used” behavioral/FIT interview questions that attendees will be asked so that they can begin to form their go-to “hero” stories for their interviewers.

Please note: Attendance at the Management Consulted boot camp is not a pre-requisite for the interview sessions.

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